Evitative Technology Inc. is a professional services company specializing in systems integration, interoperability, and middleware based messaging solutions.

The name “Evitative” is a palindrome. The word is somewhat exotic; linguists use it to describe aversive grammatical case used in certain aboriginal languages. The case denotes something which is avoided or feared. To us, it’s a jab at the kind of work we do: helping customers address technical challenges that arise when trying to untangle and manage spiderwebs of processes, application data silos and data interfaces that inevitably spawn as their businesses grow and mature.

Evitative technology is about helping our customers pursue the elusive state where their information systems are optimally interconnected, and designed to enable the workers to excel through evolving process and business requirements.

The company was founded in 2012 by Ilia Boutoma.

About Ilia Boutoma

ilia-photoAs Evitative’s CEO and founder, Ilia provides the vision, leadership and a strong hands-on, technical background necessary to keep us going – and our customers happy.

More about Ilia: Ilia's LinkedIn profile